N.A Metal Industries
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N. A. Metal Industries specializes in iron, stainless steel and aluminum fabrications especially designed for the public and municipal markets. ISO9001 certified, at the core of N.A Metal Industries' are values of transperency and service excellence.


Security and safety fences, dividers, and portable fences - popular, streamlined design as well as custom made.

Bike racks

Innovative and vandal resistant bike racks designed for municipalities and the public sector at large. From basic racks designs to custom designs for each customer.

Sports fields

Extremely durable fencing and delineation systems specifically designed for sports fields, suitable for urban environment.


Protection and safety bollards for public and commercial installations, to include: custom designed galvanized and electro-statically painted bollards, stainless steel bollards, flexible bollards and more…

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Our Advantages


We are an industry leader for over 25 years.
When you choose N. A. Metal Industries you know exactly what you are going to get, when you will get it and most importantly – you know you have a reliable partner you can count on.

Each project in unique – The planning, the design, the schedule, budget and more.
We handle all aspects of the project and make sure it is flawlessly executed.

ISO9001 standard, state-of-the-art machinery, on going employee trainings and strict supervision over materials and labor quality – we do everything possible to ensure you receive and excellent product that will last for years to come.

We understand the implications delays can have on a project. That is why we consider on-time delivery an inseparable part of our product.
Our clients know that we always stand behind our schedule commitments.
No compromises. No excuses.

Over 30 years of experience have taught us not only how to deliver exceptional product and service but also how to increase efficiency which results in exceptional value for money.

Customers reviews​

In our customers' words

N.A. Metal Industries have carried out and is still commissioned on several public metal structure projects to our satisfaction. All projects were professionally carried and delivered on time.

Netivey Ram Ltd.

We have been working with N.A. Metal Industries on several metal installation projects and we were highly impressed with the product and service. As a contractor, N.A Metal industries delivered on time and the team was professional and very responsive.

YD Barazani Group

N.A. Metal Industries have carried out several fencing and public metal structure projects, including school yards metal works for the City of Ma’ale Adomim. The work was professionally carried out and within schedule.

Municipality of Ma'ale Adomim

About us

N.A. Metal Industries (1990) specializes in metal fabrications.

Established in 1990, N. A. Metal Industries Ltd. specializes in iron, stainless steel and aluminum fabrications designed for the public and municipal markets.
ISO9001 certified, at the core of N.A Metal Industries’ are values of transparency and service excellence.

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Long standing commitment makes a difference!

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When everything is done to make sure a customer is satisfied.

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Experience which is worth its weight in gold!